welcome to my webbed site :3

i'm lily (she/her pronoun user), am occasionally pretty silly, blahåj enjoyer, interested in hardware.

im a questionable programmer that enjoys writing friendly web-scrapers (pretty massive data hoarder), too many ideas too little time motivation. i mainly program in typescript but also know python, java, lua and of course the webbed stack (html, css, js) >.<

i mainly prefer backend development (i can't design to save my life) but will occasionally take a go at some front-facing programming like you can see here :3. caddy >>, self-host supremacy!!

more about me!!

  • i mainly program in typescript
  • loves the rain, sky and moon >~<
  • enjoyer of games, celeste. stardew valley, minecraft
  • listener of music, osquinn, lfav, yxngxr1
  • collector of hardware :3